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The Droplet Hummingbird Feeder is hand blown by artisan glass-workers  and hand painted with red hibiscus blooms,  green leaves, and a beautiful green, red, white, and bronze hummingbird. The clear glass orb holds 6 ounces of nectar that birds access through a glass bee proof red flower feeding tube. The feeder comes with a black metal "S" hook for hanging.


As a handmade item crafted of recycled glass, each feeder is unique. Characteristics of hand blown glass include a pontil mark left when the glassblower removes the working rod or “pontil iron” from the glass object.  Hand-blown glass does not have the machine-made symmetry and precision of manufactured, machine-produced glass objects. A hand-blown glass piece may have slight imperfections, irregularities, small bubbles, or even a slightly asymmetrical form, none of which are considered defects. Irregularities in hand blown glass reveal that a human hand produced the pieces, adding to the distinctive charm of the artwork.


This feeder an ornament for your garden, combining beauty and functionality. It will bring joy to you and your hummingbird visitors for years to come.

Parasol Botanica & Hummingbird Design Droplet Hummingbird Feeder

SKU: Parasol Droplet Botanica
  • This item ships via standard UPS ground from Illinois within 2 business days of your order. Please allow appropriate time for delivery to your desired shipping location.

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