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Local Offerings

Locally Nini offers a different selection of items like hand made costume jewelry ($5.00 to $40.00), one of a kind wreaths (generally $65-$85), custom fairy gardens, terrariums, air plants, and  fairy/gnome garden items (from $5.00 & up). Items sold at venues are different from the products for sale on this website. Items on the website are a wide variety of treasures shipped directly to your home or to your gift recipient's home from the manufacturer, while products sold at venues are little giftables, and small scale garden and home decor products, some of which have unique hand crafted touches. When you visit Nini in person, it's like visiting a friend to pick up a little gift or some finishing touches for your home and gardens.


Nini is available to local customers at markets and events. The market at Richardson Farm in Spring Grove is done  for the season. I met some great people there and enjoyed my time selling at this new venue. I'll be taking a short break from venues for a couple of weeks, but folks can still contact me to arrange a time to stop by and peruse my fairy/troll garden wares and air plants at my humble abode. I'm available after 6:00 weekdays and weekend afternoons. You can use the "Contact" page to send me an email. Soon I'll post info about my next venue. In the meantime, enjoy the last of summer and getting kids ready for school!

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