Carved of Himalayan Crystal, this beautiful natural tealight holder displays the beautiful natural pink coloring of Himalayan crystal salt. It is  approximatley 4 inches tall, and each one is unique. Light the tealight candle and  watch the crystalalt  glimmer as it freshens your air. Tea light candles are not included. Both scented and unsented tea light candles are sold separately in Nini's store.

Natural Himalayan Salt Rough Cut Tealight Candle Holder

  • Throughout human history natural salt crystal has been hailed for its' healing force. In our modern world, the use of natural salt crystal may be more beneficial to our health than ever before.  Air is electrically charged, containing positively charges molecules (positive ions) and negatively charged molecules (negative ions).  Negative Ions clean the air of pollutants like dust, grass, weed and tree pollen, animal dander, smoke, odor, and mold spores.  Our modern lifestyle is enriched by the use devices like TVs,  computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, and the basic electric currents running through our walls, but these modern devices also disrupt the natural balance of positively and negatively charged ions in our air. Modern devices create an electro-smog, an excess of positively charged ions.  Apart from its' aesthetic beauty, it is believed that Natural Himalayan Salt Crystal releases negative ions when heated, assisting in putting positive and negative ions back in balance, and puritifying the air. 

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